Life Members

Life membership at any club is one of the highest honours that can be bestowed on a club member. Nightcliff Cricket Club award life membership to individuals that have served the cricket club in an off the field capacity for a number of years. 

All our life members have contributed to the success of the cricket club over the course of its existence. We must continue to acknowledge members presented with the honour of life membership, and acknowledge the commitment that they have made to the success of the club. 

We are proud to have a distinguished list of members associated with the Nightcliff Cricket Club. A full list of our life members are;.

Harry Currington 
Howard Wilson 
Bev Wilson 
Lyn Byrnes 
Peter Byrnes 
Geogh Helyar 
Greg  Saphin 
Peter Carroll 
Barry Luchich 
Vic Feldman 

Glenn (Slim) Currington 
Chris Wicks 
Chris Nicholls 
Greg Aldam 
Jason Hatton 
Brent Campbell 
John Tate 
Ben Mitchell 
Brad Hatton 
Graham Tribe

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Back: Ben Mitchell, Jason Hatton, Chris Wicks
Front: John Tate, Chris Nicholls, Glenn Currington, Brent Campbell