Harry Currington Award

The Harry Currington Award was created to honour one of the founding players for NCC. Harry not only played for NCC, he helped construct our change rooms, served on the committee and was captian on many occasions throughout the grades. 

When the Currington's moved into Ternau St in the 1960’s they were quickly asked to fill out a side in the Nightcliff CC. Harry and his older boys played in the same side for a few years before Harry retired from the sport. However he firmly believed in the club and spent hours volunteering each week both as an official but also as kit manager, bar manager and club organiser. 

When Harry retired from his off-field role the Club decided to create an annual award of the Clubman of the Year for the person who contributed the most off field, named in his honour. Harry was of course the first recipient. Harry was also the first NCC person to receive life membership, and was a steward of the club for many years

The following persons have been awarded the Harry Currington Award for their contributions to the NCC for the year in which it was awarded.

2003 - Karen Stoddard 
2004 - Jason Bremner / John Tate 
2005 - Alex Krepapas 
2006 - Donna Hatton 
2007 - Ben Mitchell 
2008 - Hugh Auckram / Sonia Piccoli 
2009 - Anthony Snell 
2010 - Alex Krepapas 
2011 - Coen McKinnon 
2012 - John Tate

2013 - Charmain Enthale 
2014 - Murali Varatharajan 
2015 - John Tate 
2016 - Graham Tribe 
2017 - Lachlan Baird 
2018 - Bill Cooper 
2019 - Lachlan Baird 
2020 - Brad Hatton
2021 - Murali Varatharajan
2022 - Andrew Innes