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Calling all volunteers! 🙋‍♀️ 🙋

We are teaming up with the Darwin Symphony Orchestra (DSO) again for their "Iconic" show at the Darwin Botanic Gardens Amphitheatre on Saturday 22nd June.


How can you help?

Like always, we need volunteers for the Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd June clean up.

  • ▶️Friday morning: Paint lines for set up (min 4-6 people)
  • ▶️Saturday night: Pre-show and post-show clean-up (rubbish & recyclables) - the more volunteers, the quicker it's done!


Why volunteer?

Apart form thee obvious - it's a great way to support the Nightcliff Cricket Club and the DSO - you get to see the "Iconic" show! This year's show features hits from legends like Elvis, Aretha, Tina Turner, Adele, AC/DC to Beyoncé. It is always a great performance put on by DSO.


Ready to lend a hand?

If you are able to help out, please reach out to one of the committee members to register your interest.

Our club has always prided itself on being inclusive and respectful towards everyone, regardless of background. We believe in fostering a family-friendly atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable participating.

Creating a Safe Space Together

As we welcome and encourage more increased female participation, we want to emphasize the importance of respectful interactions. We aim to increase female membership to 25% of the whole club within 3 years. Creating a respectful and inclusive environment is key to achieving this goal.

As you would have seen advertised, on June 1st at 12:30 PM, we're hosting Ladies' Day! This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the incredible women who are already part of our club, and to welcome even more women to join our vibrant community.

A key to creating a safe space it to ensure we maintain respectful interactions. This at the core of our club's values. Treating all women with courtesy, avoiding anything that could be construed as disrespectful, and actively calling out such behaviour if we see it. By working together, we can create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, including women and girls who are members, volunteers, committee members, or simply visiting our club.

Zero Tolerance for Disrespect

Our club has a zero-tolerance policy for disrespectful behaviour towards women. We will take decisive action, including potential deregistration, to maintain a safe and welcoming environment.

If we all work together, we can build a better, safer, more inclusive, family-friendly club. Let's celebrate this on the our Ladies Day on the 1st June.

Nightcliff Cricket Club's annual Trivia Night is back! Save the date for Saturday, June 8th at the Nightcliff Sports Club.

Get your thinking caps on, gather your smartest mates, and prepare for a night of friendly competition, awesome prizes, and of course, some laughs!

More information about registration and what to expect coming soon. Stay tuned! 

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